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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Crazy...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

As every year, Heidi and I hit up the sales and we went Boxing Day shopping today. This year we went down to Brisbane in hope that it wouldn't be as busy as it normally is on the Sunshine Coast but the only thing that was really different was that there were more shops and lunch was so much better than it would have been on the coast.

So here we go, I am going to flounce around and show you the items that have sent me even further into the negatives with my money with some photos that purposely have awful quality.

Because it was open before all the other stores (smart move) we went into Cotton On Body first..
I bought a Solo Crop Sports bra because they were on super sale, from $30 to $15, and are really cute. I also got some lightweight shorts (The Energiser Short) for the mega walks we go on. They are navy blue but have a aqua stretchy short underneath them. They aren't too tight and have pockets, double bonus if you ask me. Cotton On are notorious for their last minute, drag you in, at the counter sales and I really fell for them this time. They had these really cute candles, vanilla scented, and in a white and gold glass sitting on the counter and for half price I couldn't stop myself.

All year I have been complaining to myself about how I don't have nice clothes, everything has just hit that point where it is getting holes in it or stains from top to bottom and I no longer have anything to where out somewhere nice, so clothes were a must for Boxing Day sales. After looking in some other stores we went to Dotti next because who can resist a massive sale sign? 
I really needed some nice t-shirts so I bought two- one navy striped, soft v neck one and another with a black fuzzy, checkered print on it. Both are really soft and just a good plain tee.

I also found a really nice pair of shorts. Also striped, they are cream with black stripes and amazing pockets in the front. Although the back pockets are fake, I don't mind at all because of how gorgeous they look on. They sit perfectly and I am sure will be worn to death by myself and probably Heidi and well.
I then (yes there is more) went dress crazy, there was a huge rack that were all 30% off so I grabbed whatever looked good and tried them all on. I ended up with three that are absolutely to die for (not really because I wouldn't be able to wear them..). 
The first one is a shirt dress. I originally tried this one on in black and loved it but the size I had was just a little bit too small, so I went back to the rack to find the black one I had was the last. I end up with a burnt orange coloured one which is just as lovely. I am not too into collared dresses but this one just sat so nicely that I couldn't put it down. Gold buttons, pockets and a stretchy waist band; its my kind of deal.
The second is a white sleeveless dress with a colourful embroidered front. I just gave Heidi my white embroidered dress from last years Christmas and so I thought that this would be the perfect dress to take its place. It has a high neck and a bit of an open back and once again, sits perfectly.
The last is my favourite purchase of the day I think. It is dusty pink, embroidered with brown stitching, dress with open sides and tiered sort of layers.  I don't really know whittles to say about it, I feel like that super confusing single sentence summed it up very nicely.
You can't go down the Chermside shopping centre without going to David Jones.  
We headed straight up to the second floor to the Christmas stuff and homewares. I found these white ceramic Christmas decorations that I couldn't go past. I got one of each-a penguin, reindeer, Santa, polar bear and a squirrel. Heidi and I also bought Abbey, our younger cousin, a lovely Maxwell & Williams teacup.
Heidi, at the moment, has this crazy tea obsession so we could not afford to walk past T2. Of course once Heidi got me in there trying teas and checking out tea cups and pots, I couldn't help but pick one or two things out for myself. 
I bought a blue marble tea set that was on sale. It is absolutely beautiful. There was also pink and although I am a pink girl it was nowhere near as nice as the blue.
Kikki. K is right next-door to T2, so we popped in there to have a look. 
I have been on the hunt for a planner for a while now and this one caught my eye. Originally Heidi and I decided to not get it and go down the Typo to see what they had but when I saw that it was reduced from $20 to $9 I put it straight on the counter. It doesn't have months written on it either so I am going to add it to my glory box and save it for a little while. 
I am very much obsessed with Christmas decorations at the moment and when I saw these little ceramic baubles I picked them up straight away before even asking Heidi and what she thought. I got two, one of the white and gold spotted and one that is white with a gold snowflake on it. I also got a set of two white, tea light holders with little Christmas trees on them.
We then got lunch at Burger Urge. I got a New Yorker burger with avo and Heidi got a salad that was almost identical to my burger, minus the bun.

After lunch we went to Matchbox, a kitchen shop. They had some crazy sales and I got a Maxwell & Williams 2.4L jug and some salt and pepper mills from Maxwell & Williams as well.

Today was a very busy day of shopping and anyone who tries to argue with me that shopping isn't a sport can be our bag carrier next year (the sign up sheet will be out next week).

That's it, I'm done. It's now very late and I am absolutely wrecked.

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...