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Thursday, 17 December 2015

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

Welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas!

As I have already worn the outfit I plan on wearing for Christmas, I am just going to recreate what I previously wore. This is the hair for the look.

If you wish to recreate the above look as well you will need (give or take):
- Comb
- Brush
- Bobby pins or grips
- Hair tie
- Strong hold hairspray

I started with:

1. Creating a zig zag part on the side.

2. I then separated the hair on the crown of my head and teased it up slightly. Add hairspray so that this teasing will not fall out.

3. I then dropped all of my hair so that nothing was tied or clipped up.

This is the hard part to understand. All you are trying to do is flatten the sides while keeping all the volume on top of your head.

4. You need to brush back the sides into a ponytail but not the top. If you brush the top into the ponytail it will ruin the volume you created by teasing your hair.

5. Pull the rest of your hair without brushing into the ponytail, including the top part and secure with a hair tie.

6. Add hairspray to hold the look.

Stay Excited, Be Joyful and Merry Christmas.

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...