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Saturday, 19 December 2015

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

Welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas!

I love so many things about Christmas and I wanted to share them all. I was unsure how to do this until one late night hot chocolate in the middle of a steaming January night when I thought: A TAG!

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Love Actually
Have you ever had a White Christmas?
No, never in my entire life. I have only ever seen snow once in grade 7 when we went on school camp. Because I live in Australia, the places that see snow are very limited and by the time you travel there you are either too tired or the snow is all gone because of the masses of people who were there before you and the hot weather.
Where do you usually spend Christmas Day?
Every year since I can remember we have spent Christmas Day at Maleny with Granny, Pappy and everyone else. We normally spend it hanging out, eating food and being silly.
What is your favourite Christmas song?
I don't really know if I have a favourite Christmas song which is why I have put up My Christmas Playlist as one of my 12 Days of Christmas posts this year.
Do you open presents on Christmas Eve?
I remember being in primary school and my best friend talking about which present she was going to open on Christmas Eve. I tried a couple of times to convince Mum and Dad that it was a good idea for us to do but no, we have never opened present on Christmas Eve.
Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Well of course I can! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Ruldoph.
What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?
Just being with everyone as per usual.
Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Ours is fake. We used to get a real one but we haven't for YEARS!
What is your all time favourite holiday food/snack or sweet treat?
Sugar Coated Peanuts. Granny makes them every single year without fail and I love her for that. I also really love the HUGE pickity container of stuff she does every year. It is a divided round Tupperware container and she puts different things in every section (Different although they are the same things every year). Some of the things are: crystallised ginger, sugar coated peanuts, apricot delights, almonds, Smarties and chocolate coated peanuts and sultanas.
Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?
It doesn't even have to be Christmas, I love giving people presents.
Best Christmas gift you have ever received?
My 2013 Christmas gift from my Aunty Anna by far the best one yet. It was a bag of One Direction merchandise. 2013 was my prime time for One Direction merchandise, I have a whole shelf in my cupboard full of it.
What would be your dream place to be for Christmas?
To be honest, I love spending Christmas at Maleny. Every year is something different to the last and no matter what time of the year I just love being up there.
But if I had to choose somewhere else I would just love to be somewhere where I could have a White Christmas.
How are your present wrapping skills?
My present wrapping skills completely depend on how I am feeling. If it is happy and I am listening to some Christmas music, really getting into it: they are great. If it is a last minute wrap before someone gets home, then they are awful.
Do you make New Years Resolutions? 
No, well sometimes. Last year, I made a list of 2015 Goals and they have seemingly gone well for me, but I am not going to preach them around as resolutions.
Make sure if you feel like joining in, you comment your answers! If you have a blog of your own or even a YouTube channel comment the link so I can look once you've done it.

Stay Excited, Be Joyful and Merry Christmas.

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...