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Friday, 4 December 2015

Surviving alone on an island...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

If you've been keeping up to date with my posts you'd know that I recently spent a week on an island for schoolies (if that word is foreign to you: click here). I thought because I was almost alone (with friends but without my parents) I'd share my top tips for surviving a week almost alone on an island.

Bring a friend to put sun cream/sun screen/sun block on your back
Not only are they great for keeping you sun safe but also to have a bit of a chat to about everything from boys on the island to other people you are staying with.
Sun cream
Sadly, I wasn't very smart on the first day of our holiday and I got a bit sun burnt. It went away eventually and wasn't painful at all but it really didn't complement my new bikini. Suncream is your best friend when you are on the beach, even if you are like myself and hate it to death.
Aloe Vera
Following my sunburn it was nice to have something to soothe the heat from it. Aloe vera of any kind, whether it is the plant or a bottled after sun gel, will help any sunburn situation as well as other skin problems such as dryness.
Because let's be real here. I'm not going to spit out some bull about what we "did on schoolies". We didn't sit around and watch movies all week, we drank alcohol and had a bucket load of fun doing it.
Pack of cards
Cards are a good idea at anytime. You can play solitaire by yourself, or crack out a game between 10 of you *cough* *cough* King's Cup (Google what it is if you don't know).
Extra towels
It is not a good time if you are trying to dry yourself with a wet towel, whether you forgot to hang it up, you dropped it in the ocean or someone sat on it after their swim, having extra towels is the best idea ever. 
Also, little tip, if you are staying in a resort or house, don't use the provided bath towels as swimming or beach towels. You know that bond you paid? Or the $200 spending money you saved up? Well salt water or chlorinated water will slowly bleach the towels provided if they get hung out in the sun to dry and the money to buy new ones will 100% come out of your bond or pocket.
More sun cream
Sunburn is a pain in the wherever you get burnt.  
Bum? A pain!
                       Arms? A pain!
                                               Face? A pain!
                                                                     You get the idea.
I spent a lot of my money on alone time walking to the cafe and buying a coffee, then sitting down and reading a magazine for a good half hour to hour. It is just nice to have that peace and quiet time by yourself, especially for me because it helps me to not want to rip into someone for leaving their towel sitting on a chair at 10am. It just ruins a whole day if someone has their knickers in a twist.
Extra snacks
We had some problems with our food at times and having snacks there was perfect for me; the food lover. On the boat on the way home, snacks were perfect. I got a little queasy and the salty peanuts I had there were a lifesaver. Any snacks at anytime will help you out.
These are only a few of the things I wished I had of thought more about before heading if the Moreton Island. If you have any more ideas, tips and tricks please comment them below to help us all out for our future holidays!

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...