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Friday, 11 December 2015

Victoria's Secret...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

Wednesday night and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 was playing on the television. I was snuggled down on the couch with Pepper (my fellow VS Fashion Show virgin) and we watched our first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show together. I understand it was only a fashion show but it was a rollercoaster of emotions from the start when the camera flicked to Caitlin Jenner tearing up about Kendall absolutely smashing the runway, to the end when all the angels returned for one last walk with the balloons and confetti.

Here is my step through the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015:

(Let me tell you this is going to be the Gigi Hadid show in my eyes because she is my number 1 at the moment (WOMAN CRUSH!!). Just look at her. This was by far my favourite Gigi of the show)

Oh my goodness!! The opening walk was gorgeous. All of the models looked amazing. It kind of broke my heart when the camera went to Caitlin Jenner and she was crying for Kendall, it was lovely.

The Weeknds performance was awesome (as always), and the angels decked out in the dusty pinks, blues, purples and yellows looked beautiful. The contrast from the dark set made it look even better as well. Let me tell you that I won’t have money in the bank for very long..

And then Ellie Goulding came on. Her vocals are intense and to top everything off the set was giant butterflies!! Gigi Hadid, along with all of the other girls, absolutely rocked the catwalk.

I didn’t have time to get over Ellie before Selena came on. I feel like a proud mother towards Gigi, she burnt the house down with her first VS show. I have no words for how amazing she looked. How excited she was on the inside definitely showed on the outside.

Candice was the first to walk as Ellie sang Love Me Like You Do with the “festive” themed set, and she looked amazing. I feel like I have to stop saying how amazing they look because every time, every single one of the angels looked perfect!! 

The fireworks set was extravagant and fitted the theme perfectly. As it progressed, the “wings” got more and more crazy. They started pretty simple and worked up to ones that spun around, were lit up and completely over the top, which is obviously the only option when they are for a VS show.

The Victoria's Secret Shows really aren’t that much about the lingerie anymore. They play up the whole thing with performances, costumes, music, lighting; it is a one of a kind production.

Two top tips for when you are watching a VS show as a VS virgin:

1. Have your bank account ready: I know that next time I get paid mine is going to get smashed. Not to look sexy or anything, just because I love having nice underwear.

2. Be prepared emotionally: I went into it thinking it was JUST a fashion show but it does mess with you a bit because of how amazing everyone looks and how quickly the hour goes.

I am now going to do some online shopping, the kind where you add 146 things to the online basket and then see that you could buy a house with the total, so you close the tab and go to bed. 

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...
Full photo credit to Google Images