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Monday, 14 March 2016

I'm sitting in this cafe, right...

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

I am sitting in this cafe, right?

It is clean and crisp and the vibe is smooth. Whether you believe it or not the two baristas are dancing behind the counter. I just took the first sip of my coffee and instantly felt like the biggest hipster here, although I'm far from it.

I've left my phone in my bag because I don't want to ruin my aura right now, another sign that would point to me being the biggest hipster here and again, I'm not. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall of this ledge that I'm sitting on when people walk past me. I'm excited for the first bite of my raspberry brownie. It is going to be truly scrumptious. I'm not excited for the annoyingly awful lipstick mark I'm going to leave on their coffee cup and fork.

I love that there are friends here. People who are happy to be together in the morning despite the fact that it is a Monday. I love that this cafe is centred around an urban feel and draws in the curious; young & old. I am also only just realising that I'm not the only one leaving my phone in my bag, everyone and every table is present. Even those who are by themselves. It is only a tiny cafe but it feels so big. The lighting is soft and there are plants on the walls.

I've just spotted a jar of biscuits on top of the cabinet. They look like they are as big as my hand almost. They look pretty good; healthy with seeds and dried fruit, maybe? I can definitely see the pepitas.

Oh my goodness, I just had the first bite of my brownie and it is gorgeous. To recreate the taste as a thought, take the looks of Nina Dobrev and mix them with Justin Bieber's entire Purpose album and follow with a pinch of Ryan Reynolds. Heaven, right?

I don't remember what time I parked in the park and it is a two hour park. I don't really mind right now. I am in too much heaven. I'll notice when I leave and instead of this study trip costing me $10, it'll cost me ten times that.

The cabinet of rich foods is slowly diminishing, much like my coffee. Its heart design is no longer perfected by the barista but now stirred in with each sip. My brownie is half its size and I'm eyeing off my next treat. Maybe I'll head somewhere else? I haven't seen the nambour Social since yesterday.

I just saw some really good looking gentlemen in the reflection of the windows across the street, and then they walked into the cafe. They've just come and sat themselves next to me. I feel as though I have to now delete these sentences in case they are those kind of people that flick their eyes to other peoples screens to check out whats happening. I don't actually mind.

I'm looking at the post-it notes I have stuck to my laptop, thinking about all the work I have to do and I don't want to do it. I know that if I do, I'll lose motivation to write this post and soon after I'll then lose motivation to do any work.

I am very tempted to ask someone to take a photo of me right now. I am feeling as if I own the hipster world, although I'll deny it to the end of the world and back. Is that a hipster thing to deny that they are a hipster?

On the topic of photos, I'm also very tempted to ask if I can take photos of the cafe. I'm sure they'd accepted it due to the height of my hipster almost being on par with the hipster level of their cafe.

This is going to be my new place to studying in times of absolute need.

They have sparkling water on tap. They have sparkling water on tap. Do I need to repeat? They have sparkling water on tap.

Someone else just came and sat next to me and ruined my studying vibe because I had to move my plate, so I moved it back. I am at peace again. I also feel as though I'm giving off a "stay away from me I bite" kind of vibe and I'm happy with it.

I've just taken the last sip of my coffee and I'm going to buy a juice. I don't know what one yet because I can't see what delicious flavours they have from here but I'm excited.

They've been open for three weeks in Nambour now, but have another shop at the old courthouse in Cotton Tree. They are a speciality coffee shop, who aim to produce the best cup of coffee every single time. They buy juices, desserts, muesli's and some lunch foods from food architects across the coast. There is a speciality dessert architect that brings his products all the way from Mooloolaba

I love that they don't harass you here. I don't enjoy going a coffee shop, sitting down to chill out and the staff, although it is their job, continually harass you asking you how your coffee is and if you need anything else.

My heart just starting beating at a mile a minute when the parking guys walked past. I still have an hour left but I wonder if I did get a parking ticket if I can argue it as I was only parked for an hour and the limit is two hours.

I'm going to leave this for a bit, get a juice and do some uni work..blah
I got a Greener Bruce Cold Pressed Juice, it is delicious.

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...