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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Living Alone, Conquering the Unknown: The Final Instalment

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

My time is almost up living alone and conquering the unknown. I am moving back home for a few days before I go down to Melbourne and before my little sister leaves for Italy.

I have discovered a few things that I thought I'd share with you.

Open up the house

When you live alone, you don't realise it but when the house is shut up all the time  because I am at work (all I really do there is sleep and eat) it develops a smell. A bit of a musty, open these windows kind of smell. I don't know if there was or is one there but I don't want one to come about.

You don't have to do chores, but there will come a time when everything needs to be done

I never understood why some families had house work days, but now I do. It is because nothing gets done during the week. In our house, we get everything done throughout the week and then we really only have to have a major cleaning day when someone is coming over and Mum or Dad are freaking out. But in some of my friends households they have a day of the week assigned to doing house work. I really can't think of anything worse. When I first moved into Granny and Pappy's I was getting things done straight away, but for a day or two there I got lazy. I left bowls in the sink and really couldn't be bothered to take the recycling out. So I had to have a cleaning day. I had to catch up on washing, put the dishwasher on for the first time (all the previous times I was washing the dishes up by hand) and drive the rubbish down to the bins (there was a little too much for me to carry down the hill). I also took a step back the other day and realised "Oh, I should probably sweep the floor". I hadn't even realised that the floor was a down right mess.

Things cost money

Having that light on while you aren;t in the room? That costs money. Having the dryer running when there is a washing line outside. That costs money. Using alot of internet? Now that costs ALOT of money (I spent $30 on internet credit and used it up in three days and now I have resorted to driving into town to use the Telstra hotspot). You don;t realise that there are so many costs to living and I'm not paying any rent. Obviously there are bills and things but I haven't even thought about those yet..

You need to eat good, healthy food

I haven't been eating badly but I have realised how my diet hasn't been balanced. I have been missing important things like meat. When I first moved in, I bought chicken and only recently did I realise that I haven't eaten red meat in a very long time. So I bought some beef and have had it for two dinners already. You don't realise how much better you feel when there is something in your stomach other than vegetables and carbs.

Also you think you have all this freedom in your eating, but you always seem to fall back into what you know is right. I haven't bought that many sweets or been craving them that much.

You get lonely

I was fine for the first few days because I was still on the "this is so amazing, I am having so much fun" high. But after you come home an empty house a couple of times, you start to realise that living alone isn't all it is cracked up to be. Obviously you can do what you want, eat what you want and whatnot but having someone to talk to is a big thing for me.

Then my family and friends came up for a weekend dinner party and it was great. I wasn't lonely anymore, I had people to talk to and chill out with. But when they left, it was kind of like well what do I do now??

Trying to waste time is also a big problem. I would love to be able to go out every day but my petrol situation doesn't always allow for that kind of lifestyle. So I have to stay at home and think of ways to entertain myself. I clean, do washing, go for walks and watch television but then there are still 6 hours left in the day where I have nothing to do. I have taken a liking to turning my music on super super loud and dancing around the house. That's something awesome about living alone, you can do that and no one can complain. It also turns out that when you dance enough and practise you become a pretty talented dancer.

You develop mad skills

Along with becoming the best dancer in the Hinterland region, I have gotten really good at starting up the fire place, heating up soup, reversing my car up a long driveway, caring for drunk magpies, sweaty cardio in the form of moving pieces of wood, gardening, making the most out of a meal, taking photos of everything (not much of a change) and most importantly ENJOYING LIFE!

What are your favourite and least favourite things about living alone?

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...