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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...

Disclaimer: All effects for products will differ from person to person and my experience with these amazing products may not be the same as yours. Remember to always read the labels and test the products (as stated on items) before applying or using them.

I feel like I haven't seen much of my blog this month. I broke my number one blogging rule about leaving your blog on its lonesome. :( I have been planning heaps of things and have so many posted drafted, I just never got around to finishing them after working, going out and sleeping. Hopefully, February will be a bit more of a blog eventful month. I want to try to get back into doing some more going out posts instead of just writing about products, I feel like that's all I've been doing the last couple of weeks. Alot has happened and new things have come around so expect (actualy will come through as well) posts about those things as I don't want to give away great content in my monthly favourites.

I have kind of reached my limit for writing today so I thought I'd lay these out a little differently. Both are wonderful and have been so beneficial for my skin lately. I have revisited using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar skin care range, just because my skin needed a bit of a change again. I have also gone a little crazy and started using the Mario Badescu Facial Spray like it is going out of fashion. Everyone at work got a hold of it and hooked me in. I went and bought an obscene amount fron Mecca, the woman there thought I was crazy.

If you have been following along with my blog this month you'd know that I recently went and made the biggest purchase of my life; a car! I am loving driving it at the moment. I seriously drive everywhere, at any time of the day or night. In the first week of having it I took it for a drive every night, just wherever. It is a little Suzuki Baleno and probably my favourite thing in the world right now (and I'm not even into cars).

As I sai last time, my spotify 2017 playlist is going off at the moment and I am seriously adding to it every single day! One of my favourite songs at the moment to listen to when driving down the highway with the windows down is Roses by Chainsmokers. Check it out!

My name is Alice,
And I have these obsessions...